Extended warranties

We accept most extended warranties in the market. If you already have an extended warranty policy or contract all you have to do is bring us the contact information and one of our experienced Service Advisers will take care of the rest.

Air conditioning

Whether you may need a new compressor with receiver drier, condenser, evaporator, leak test or system recharge one of our technicians will diagnose and replace any necessary components to have your ac cool as a winter day.


Brake Pad & Shoe Replacement Brake pad problems can usually be identified by squealing brakes. If your brake pads deteriorate completely, you'll hear a grinding metal-on-metal sound when braking, meaning that it's too late and you're ruining your rotors or drums! Those with knowledge of auto repair may be able to fix this at home, but you should always see an auto repair professional immediately if you have brake problems.

Resurface Rotors

In a disk brake system, rotors are attached to your vehicle's wheels. When the brake pads grip the rotor, they bring both the rotor and wheels to a stop. However, the friction causes grooves and cracks to appear over time. Resurfacing brings the rotor back to a "like-new" condition, reducing squealing and wobbling. RS auto specialties will give your rotors a thorough inspection and recommend your best course of action.

Caliper Replacement

The brake caliper houses your brake pads and fits around the rotor like a clamp, pressing the pads against the rotor when you brake. A brake caliber problem could cause uneven braking, making your car slide forward when you brake. Uneven braking can also cause your vehicle to slide out of control in bad weather conditions, so contact RS auto specialties as soon as possible.

We also specialize in

Engine Rebuilds

Transmition Rebuilds

Performance tunning

Turbo kits

Air Ride suspension installs or maintenance

Electrical system modifications and repair

Custom and oem audio visual installation

Custom fabrication (roll cages, etc.)

- And anything else you can think of can be done and done right at RS AUTO SPECIALTIES